Här är det sista av tre outfits för Youreyeslie.com 
En jättefin tshirt med tryck föreställande månlandningen.

Idag testade jag på gult hår, vilken färg har ni gillat bäst hittills?
Blå, rosa eller gul?


Here's the last of three looks for Youreyeslie.com.
I'm wearing a really nice tshirt with a print of the moon landing.

I tried on yellow hair today, wich color did you like the best so far?
Blue, pink or yellow?

4 kommentarer:

  1. Blått eller rosa, blått eller rosa. Blått! Eller rosa...

  2. Hey Robbie:)

    I just saw your lookbook, and then your blog ! I like your style.
    I'm an 18 young "photographer" who's looking to expand his fashion/editorial portfolio.
    I'm from Paris! But i'm going to Stockholm this summer from 28th of July to 5th August, i just know that you're from Sweden but not sure about the exact place!
    So if you're interested in doing some pictures, please contact me !!

    You can check my work at kevinstramp.com